NADIA'S HAIR THERAPY SALON - Hair and Makeup Artist, Nadia Wasim
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    Nadia has been in the Cosmetology field since 1999. She offers many services and has also done photo shoots for hairstyles and makeup. Nadia strongly believes in using the best quality products for maximum client satisfaction. 

Nadia is also a distributor of Pure Gem
(Powerful natural based beauty products that work like magic and are infused with enticing scents!!! )

  Some magical products that are available now!

Hair Potion $25
Hair Potion is a unique hair treatment. It is a family owned recipe handed down from generation to generation. This was only available to family and close friends but is now available to everyone. With some extra perfections this is for sure to improve your hair and scalp.
Benefits- *promotes new hair growth*prevents hair loss*clears dandruff*antiseptic*keeps scalp clean*reduces excessive oil
*strengthens roots.

                                                    Tangled $15
                                                    This is a detangler / leave in conditioner.                                                           Works like magic!!What it does-*adds                                                               fullness*reduces frizz*seals ends*calms dry                                                     itchy scalp
                                                    Ageless Forever $40
                                                   (anti aging cream)-rich in antioxidants -moisturizing-slows aging process-fights wrinkles-reduces fine lines-contains omega essential fatty acids-heals sun damage-promotes new skin cells-helps to prevent acne-anti inflammatory -balances pigmentation-fades dark spots-brightens-vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E -nourishes skin -heals scars -helps to fade stretch marks. Infused with natural ingredients. Best of all this amazing rejuvenating cream contains 'vegan/halal/kosher ingredients. 

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