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     My clients always ask me, "Nadia what made you choose this profession?"
And my answer always is, "It started when I was 13 years old.  I had heard there was a career out there that makes people look and feel good about themselves".....At that age I didn't know what type of work a cosmetologist does.
     I was 18 when I told my dad in front of my high school councler I wanted to be a cosmetologist. I was scared! When we got home my parents flipped out and said, "You want to be what....!!!" I still remember that day.
    I thought about other careers (ofcourse medicine) to satisfy my parents but it wasn't for me.  I couldn't blame them for thinking that way.  They had come to America at a young age looking for that American dream and wanting the same for their 3 American born children.    
   My heart kept thinking what about MY BIG DREAM?!   Often times I felt selfish for ignoring my parents expectations and day dreaming of entering the Beauty Industry. 
    Being the oldest of 3 children I always wanted to make sure my younger siblings were happy and well taken care of when I was  looking after them. It's funny I felt like their mom more than their preteen older sister.  
    In elementary and junior high school  girls would always come to me with there problems asking what to do.  Often times I felt like a therapist. I always thought I had a gift to make people feel good about themselves. That was 1 bonus point.
    As a cosmetology student and a part time salon worker I worked hard at trying to be the best that I COULD BE.   I didn't want to be just any girl without a licsence. I wanted that professional document!!  That's when I thought, " Beauty Industry watch out, here I come!!!"  I studied 3 months straight for the exam, for hours at a time.   ....Finally I had done it!  I passed the Cosmetology Board Exam with only 1 wrong answer. (I kept thinking darn it got 1 wrong!!)  I had the highest score ever in the whole history of my Cosmetology School. My teacher  was so proud of me. She grabbed me right when I walked in and praised me so much, like no one else ever had done before.  I felt like a million bucks.  Finally I could Breath.  
    But my struggle didn't stop there. i had to face  alot.  Many times people would look down on me, laugh at me.  They would compare me to the barbers found on the streets of Pakistan and India who cut hair for a few rupees.  I would listen to all and say to myself, 'you don't even know who you are messing with. you just wait and see.'   It is very important to have encouraging family and friends.  They are the key to success which I didn't always receive but that didn't stop me.  I knew what I wanted and negative people weren't going to stop me,NO WAY!
    After a couple years of getting my liscence my life took a major turn.  It was tough but I did it.  I worked at 2 well known salons and was maintaining my own clients as well.  Even though life was a roller coaster I still followed my  dream.  After all,  I knew what I was capable of doing and becoming.
    And here I am today, a successful Liscensed Cosmetologist.  I am a winner to my 3 amazing kids and to my supportive husband.  (And to my parents,brother and sister who now see who I have become.) I work  hard now because of them. Because they believe in me.  They always encourage and praise me when they see my true artistry come out through my work.  They make me feel like a SUPERSTAR!!
   The moral of my story is, don't ever give up on your dream.  No matter how small or big it may be.  If  it's meant to be, it will happen.

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